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Summary:  A well-chosen, parable, anecdote or tale can communicate profound truths which are otherwise difficult to get across. This book offers us a memorable collection of stories from the writings and speeches of Dada J. P. Vaswani, offering food for thought along with a great deal of reading pleasure.


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Stories That Will Enrich Your Mind, Purify Your Heart & Rekindle Your Soul

101 stories that make up this most absorbing, educative and uplifting book have been lovingly chosen from the perennial treasury of Dada J. P. Vaswani's witty anecdotes and stories. Each story is a gem - containing a precious pearl of strength and wisdom.

Each story can fill you with faith, patience, fortitude and the courage to face the challenges of life in the right spirit.

You can't stop reading once you start, for you feel you have taken a breath of fresh air, or had a stimulating drink. Just try and see!
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